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Welcome to the homepage of AML883 — Properties and selection of Engineering Materials. Our aim in this course is to study materials and their properties (structural and functional), processing, and degradation during service (physical, chemical and microstructural).

We will make extensive use of materials property charts in our studies. Further, we will also make use of the following case studies to highlight the different topics and concepts: selection of blade materials for wind tunnels, mylar as an electrical insulator in aircrafts, ECAP and cryorolling processes and their effect on properties, thermal barrier coatings for Ni-base superalloy gas turbine blades, material property charts of metallic glasses, and selection of materials for solid oxide fuel cells.


Mateials: engineering, science, processing and design by M F Ashby, H Shercliff and D Cebon (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007) will be the textbook for the course; a low priced Indian edition of this textbook is available in the market.

Grading structure

There will be

* assignments and/or quizes,
* two mid-term (minor) examinations, and,
* one final (major) examination.

In addition, problem sheets will be handed once in two weeks; they need not be turned in.

Assignments and quizes will contribute 20% to the final grading; there will be two mid-term examinations and each of them will contribute 20%; the final examination will contribute the rest, namely 40%. Note that though there is no tutorial or even a requirement that solutions to the problem sheets be turned in, some fraction of the questions for the mid-term and final examinations will be taken from the problem sheets.

Downloads and discussions

You can download the pdf files of the lecture presentations; in case the lecture was done on the blackboard, you will be able to download the lecture notes in pdf format. For the downloads, go here.

The problem sheets are available here.

I have also opened a page for discussions; please feel free to ask any questions and/or give suggestions. For the discussions, go here.

For information regarding the home assignments, go here.

A model question paper, miscellaneous reading materials and all the Minor/Major question papers are available here.

Contact information

Here are the contact information in case you want to meet me or get in touch with me; when sending mails, please make sure that you note AML 883 in the subject of your mails.

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